Eav Brennan

Science Communications

Now, more than ever, science needs to be communicated passionately and accurately.

About Me

I’m Eav Brennan. I am a science communicator with a passion for the environment, especially the ocean.

Having trained as a marine scientist studying oceanography and plastic pollution, I realised that there’s so much important work needing to be shared. So many people care about the environment, but don’t know where to start, whilst scientists do incredible work finding solutions people don’t know about.

Over the years I have had the great pleasure of working on science communication and advocacy projects from class rooms to treaty meetings. I most enjoy getting crafty and creative to encourage everyday people to get engaged with science and conservation.

Outside of work, you can find me in the water or out walking my dog!

My Work


I have experience with Adobe Creative applications, creating graphics for events, magazines, posters, fridge magnets, websites and game design.


I have been writing blogs and articles about sustainability for many years. I also run workshops on marine conservation and science for school aged children.


I have worked in evaluating and consulting on the uptake of scientific advice in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction. This has particularly focused on the Antarctic, South Indian and Pacific Oceans’ governance.

Projects & Collaborations

Pint of Science Australia, 2020


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