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Climactic Live | PECAN, GECAN & BECAN – THE GAS FALLACY Climactic

THE GAS FALLACY: why we need a renewable led recovery for our climate, health and economy Event description Drought, floods and the recent catastrophic bushfires have brought home the reality of the climate crisis to Australia – the burning of fossil fuels is destroying our world. The Covid caused recession creates an opportunity to transition rapidly to renewables as part of economic recovery, but the federal government maintains a gas-led approach to recovery is necessary. This is despite the fact that gas produces unacceptably high greenhouse emissions and that renewables are cheaper than fossil fuels, and better for the economy, environment, climate and our health. Port Phillip Emergency Climate Action Network (PECAN), Glen Eira Emergency Climate Action Network (GECAN) and Bayside Emergency Climate Action Network (BECAN) are bringing together key experts to help us understand the proposal for a so called gas-led recovery, and how an alternative renewable led recovery would work. This forum is supported by many other climate action groups throughout Melbourne’s South East, from Melbourne Central to Western Port Bay and The Mornington Peninsula. The Panel Professor Penny Sackett is Professor at the Climate Change Institute, ANU and was previously Australia’s Chief Scientist. She will speak about the impact of plans for gas expansion on greenhouse gas emissions and the climate. Dr George Crisp, a GP and Committee Member, Doctors for the Environment, will speak on the less well known effects of gas on people’s health. Mark Ogge, Principal Advisor and gas expert at the Australia Institute will speak on The National COVID Coordinating Commission’s plans as well as the renewable alternatives to gas. The webinar will be moderated by Esther Abram, Consultant and Strategic Advisor at Estuary Resources and formerly the inaugural CEO at the Moreland Energy Foundation and Director of Environment Victoria. The Issues The speakers at the webinar will cover these questions:  What impact will plans for gas expansion have on greenhouse gas emissions and on the climate? What impact would it have on people’s health?  Why is the Australian government supporting this gas expansion? Do we actually need more gas?  Can the transition to renewables be achieved without gas? Why this Webinar? This important webinar will give us all the opportunity to learn more about gas and its impacts, and the government’s plans. It will also be an opportunity to make our voices heard to our parliamentary representatives before the federal budget, on 6 October. Many of Melbourne’s south east federal seats are held by Commonwealth Government members– some being key ministers. A Call to Action Climate For Change will be present to guide participants to engage with their local MPs through a letter writing activity. Our voices combined, can matter. Readings We have put together a list of readings on the potential impacts of the proposed gas recovery on our climate, health and economy to help inform us before the webinar.  Access the readings at: http://pecan.org.au/readings/ Support the show: https://www.climactic.com.au/p/support-the-collective/ See omnystudio.com/policies/listener for privacy information.
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