Eav Brennan

Science Communications

Now, more than ever, science needs to be communicated passionately and accurately.

I create graphics, workshops and podcasts to engage people in environmental science and finding solutions to the greatest challenges we face.

Climactic Curation | February Edition Climactic

This was performed as a livestream as part of the National Sustainable Living Festival. The Climactic Collective is the podcast network by and for Australia’s climate community. Curation is the monthly audio magazine show that highlights the best of the network – and the broader community. Participants get to see the live episode recorded and streamed live. Clips: Nourishing Matters to Chew On | On Eating Meat Part 1 "It's Not the Cow, It's the How"  Overview Effect with James Perrin | 14 – Catherine Ingram sees the purpose of accepting the unacceptable Sustainable You | Episode 42: Preserving the right to witness nature’s beauty Interviews: Michael Hilliard | The Red Line Mike Williams | Mike Williams and Friends/#100interviewsin24hours Support the show: https://www.climactic.com.au/p/support-the-collective/
  1. Climactic Curation | February Edition
  2. Sustainable Hour | Welcome to the Climate Revolution
  3. UTS 4 Climate | Sunlight and Seaweed: Bob Carr in conversation with Professor Tim Flannery
  4. UTS 4 Climate | Investors Dump Coal: Bob Carr in conversation with Tim Buckley
  5. UTS 4 Climate | After the Fires: Bob Carr in conversation with Zali Steggall and Martijn Wilder


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